Nasorg back to school package GR R + RR


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Sweets x 1

A3 Pocket display file 20pg x 1

2 ring binder file  x 1

A4 hardcover book 192pg x 1

Colouring book  x 1

Flex ruler 30 cm x 1

Glue stick 40g x 2

Eraser  x 1

Clipboard x 1

sharpener double with a shaving case x 1

Hb  pencil single x 2

Tissues 180P x 2

Hand soap 500ml x 1

Toilet paper 1PLY x 4

Koki markers jumbo 10 x 1

30cm pencil bag  x 1

Retractable crayons  10 x 1

Zipper seal bag large x 1


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