Vriende en Terapeute van Kabouterland

Anjo du Preez – Arbeidsterapeut, Tel: 083  3095474;  E-pos: anjod@absamail.co.za

Madelise van Coller – Kliniese sielkundige, Tel: 082 8943168; E-pos: madelisevc@telkomsa.net

Ronelle Slabbert – Spraakterapeut,  Tel: 073 1723180; E-pos: ronelle@slabbertspeechtherapy.co.za

Gianni Smith – Vinuiti Wines, Tel: 082 8569903; E-pos: gianni@cybersmart.co.za

Wouter du Preez – CCTV kamera’s en IT, Tel: 083 4488815: wouter@illumico.co.za, www.illumico.co.za

Vital foods – Vital Food Distributors are proud suppliers of Frozen, Chilled and Dry goods to the Catering/ Food Service industry and to public traders. We try to support local schools, churches and charity organisations to uplift the community. www.vitalfoods.co.za orders@vitalfoods.co.za +27 21 527 5900