23/01/2014 Extra mural activities 2014

Dear moms and dads,


The kabouters started with the extra mural activities this week.   I would like to explain how the payments are done.  The coaches will put the enrolment forms in your child’s bag so please check their bags for the forms .


Kindly note the following:

Eendjies – They do only Playball.

Paddas – They do Playball, DrumJoy en Karate.

Ladybirds, Bytjies, Hasies, Muise – They do Playball, DrumJoy, Karate and Busy Bees.


There are  5 post boxes in the foyer, one allocated to each of the 4 activities and also Soetlief.  Your completed enrolment forms go into these post boxes for both cash payments and bank transfers.  Thus all fees regarding the extra mural activities are paid directly to the coaches.    Please complete these enrolment forms as you receive them and put in the post boxes.


For cash payments – put the cash together with the enrolment form in an envelope into the post box

-write your child’s name, surname and class on the envelope

For bank transfers – Put your child’s name, surname and school name (Kabouterland) as reference 


The first payment of the year is the enrolment fee plus the term fee.


Here are their bank details, contact details and enrolment fees: 

Busy Bees  (Monday)

Bianca        071 5384113


account:  BS Turk

Capitec Bank 129 881 2621

Branch code 470010

R120/term, R100 enrollment fee


Playball     (Thursday)

Careen        082 8259779


account:    Playball

ABSA 906 206 0534

Branch Somerset Wes

R120/term, R110 enrollment fee


DrumJoy   (Wednesday)

Lana           071 8715839


account:  kserdani

FNB  623 227 67354

Branch  250655

R120/term, R120 enrollment fee


Karate    (Thursday)

Francois      021 9763914


account: F du Plessis

Standard Bank  272 189 790

Branch 022209

R120/term, R120 enrollment fee


Please feel free to contact me if anything is unclear, especially for the new parents. J